Selective Mutism Consultation Services Available

Dr. McHolm offers consultation to families and involved professionals as it relates to selective mutism and effective intervention strategies for overcoming the condition.
Interested parties from Ontario, Canada are welcome to arrange an in-person consultation with Dr. McHolm. Consultation can be hosted by Dr. McHolm in either Guelph or Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Alternatively, Dr. McHolm may be available to travel to the family’s location.
Those at a greater distance may be interested in arranging a consultation via teleconference.
Consultation services are offered on a fee-for-service basis, guided by a fixed hourly rate. Consultation fees include both direct (e.g., direct contact with client(s)) and indirect service hours (e.g., review of supporting documentation, travel if necessary).
For more details regarding consultation services available and specific inquiries, interested parties are welcome to contact Dr. McHolm by email at